Toronto Food Lab is the culinary division of GPI, a food ingredient manufacturer that produces various food gums. As such, Toronto Food Lab is able to offer those modernist ingredients in retail amounts of 1 kg (2.24 lbs).

Please email for orders and inquiries. Bulk pricing available.

Follow this format for orders



Order: Item name and quantity

CarraPure Kokumi (iota carrageenan)                   $110/kg

CarraPure Kappa (kappa carrageenan)                 $110/kg

CarraPure Lux (Lambda Carrageenan)                   $125/kg

H-Gell (High Acyl Gellan)                                           $225/kg

L-Gell (Low Acyl Gellan)                                             $225/kg

PureXan (Xanthan Gum)                                            $70/kg

PureAlgin (Sodium Alginate)                                     $70/kg

PureLBG (RefinedLocust Bean Gum)                       $250/kg

PureGuar (Guar Gum)                                                 $60/kg

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