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For all interested clients, although our website is not often updated, we are still in business! So please send us your inquiries if you wish to purchase any of our available ingredients.

And just to let you know, our ingredients come straight from the manufacturers, so they are not diluted with any fillers.

Hope you have a great day! And thank you for all the continued support.





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  1. Phil D'Mello Avatar

    Good morning. I am not sure if this site is still active but am looking for info/assistance in regards to a rotary evaporator. I am one of the owners of a craft distillery in Prince Edward County and am in the Niagara College Distilling Program. We are making vermouth at Niagara College as our capstone project and was thinking about doing this at our distillery. I was wondering if you were willing to rent out time on your rotary evaporator or know someone who would be willing to rent our their equipment. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide. My name is Phil D’Mello and can be reached at 647 638-7480 and

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