Kappa Carrageenan

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PRICE: CAD $110/kg

Kappa carrageenan is a type of food gum that is derived from red seaweed. It is commonly used as a thickener, gelling agent, and stabilizer in a wide range of food and non-food products. The unique properties of kappa carrageenan make it a versatile ingredient in the food industry, as it can create a range of textures and viscosities, from a smooth, fluid gel to a more rigid and structured gel.

Kappa carrageenan is a common ingredient in many food items, including:

  1. Dairy products: Kappa carrageenan is often used as a thickener and stabilizer in dairy products, such as ice cream, yogurt, and sour cream.
  2. Meat products: Kappa carrageenan is used to improve the texture and stability of processed meat products, such as sausages and deli meats.
  3. Vegan cheese products: Because of it’s ability to create a strong gel structure and heat reversible qualities, Kappa Carrageenan is often used in vegan cheese recipes. Plant-based cheeses made using kappa carrageenan display good melting qualities when reheated on pizzas, pasta and other applications.


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