Butter from the centrifuge at 8000rpm, again!

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Sometimes I really do just take advantage of the fact that all these equipment are available to me. A few days ago I wanted to make some butter with the centrifuge. Reason being is that it tastes quite different from store bought butter. One main difference is that the milk flavour really carries through. It’s also softer. Personally I think it just has a more luxurious taste to it, being more creamy. It’s also extremely easy to make. Step 1, put cream in the centrifuge vials. Step 2, spin at 8,000 rpm for 15 minutes. Step 3, collect butter.

Another possibility is culturing the cream before spinning it. I know a few people have done something similar. What I ended up doing is folding some grated Parmeggiano Reggiano with the butter and leaving it in the fridge overnight to let the flavours meld. It tastes similar to cultured butter, but with more intense nutty and cheesy notes. Obviously this can be tweaked by varying the amount of cheese. I used 60g of parmesan in 330 grams of centrifuged butter. The reason for that amount of butter is that is how much I got from a 1 litre box of heavy cream.

Here it is in the vials after being spun. The top layer is the butter, middle is whey and water, bottom is a mixture of (I think) the solids, whey and water. Also another thing to note is what when using organic cream, there’s only 2 layers.

One thing I will mention though, is that this butter is quite perishable. I think my last batch lasted just over a week before it became too funky. This may just be due to the cream/butter temperature going up and down during the process.

Here’s the butter after it was folded with the cheese. One big ball of saturated fatty deliciousness.



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