The Toronto Food Lab

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This post is in reply to JCGastrophysics. He recently made a post about various food labs around the world. Well, there are food labs that are truly just labs, like the ones next door and above me. But then there are those few that are used as kitchens! Here’s 2 photos of the Toronto Food Lab. Centrifuge, Freeze drier, vacuum machine, and spray drier are damn huge. Those things are in the other room.

View from near the door. Main counter is where all the prep happens. Scale and Vitamix are probably the most used tools. No cutting, peeling, or any sort of prep work is to be done on the side where the stove is! Equipments on the stove side are as follows (from left to right): SonicPrep, Rotary evaporator, combustible gas ignition unit (aka stove, haha), oil bath, immersion circulator. Microwave and convection oven at the side. Cabinets contain all the gums, spices and other ingredients.

View  from the opposite side. Desk space, photography equipment.



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