Introducing FlexiGel

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We’re finally offering our ingredients to the public. More and more will become available as time goes on, and they will come sooner than later. Click on the Available Ingredients tab on top.

First round of ingredients are 3 kinds of carrageenan – iota, kappa, and a gum blend. Flexigel is predominantly kappa and will have it’s characteristics, but with the added benefit of setting at slightly higher temperatures when in a mixture with a high amount of solids, and also producing very strong but flexible gels at low dosages. These are it’s main characteristics:

– in fruit or vegetable purees, mixtures can set at temperatures between 45c – 50c (0.8% – 1.5% concentration of Flexigel)

– can produce very strong, but flexible gels at concentrations between 0.4% – o.8%. Think making noodles with apple juice.

– Can be used to make fluid gels

– Extremely easy to disperse

– gels are completely clear

– Needs to be heated to 75c to completely dissolve the FlexiGel into the mixture.


Here’s a few things I’ve done with it. This is a fairly old recipe, but I think it demonstrates the versatility of FlexiGel.

Pumpkin Pie: The pie itself contains roasted pumpkin puree, yogurt, nutmeg, cinnamon, maple syrup and sugar. The amount of FlexiGel is 0.8% of the total mixture.

Orange Caramel fluid gel: The fluid gel was made with a 0.6% concentration of FlexiGel. The mixture is first heated then allowed to set into a firm gel. Afterwards you puree it and turn it into a fluid gel. The mixture contains about 50% sugar.


For the  orange caramel, before I pureed the gel, I decided to slice it into shapes. One of which was a long rectangle to demonstrate it’s gel strength and flexibility.



And lastly, from the slab of solidified pumpkin puree, I sliced a “blanket” shape to again demonstrate the strength and flexibility of the gel. Of course, you can make the sheet even larger. It would still be able to hold.




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