Crisp veal tongue, enoki, and over reduction

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This recipe is perhaps one of the few where, in my opinion, sous vide is not the ideal cooking method. Though, it may be as simple as me doing it wrong. I just found that when comparing the traditionally braised tongue vs the sous vide one, the sous vide kept too much of the gamy flavour. 

The reduction was first semi reduced (the only reason for doing this is so that the amount will fit into the centrifuge vials), then centrifuged to remove the solids. Once clear, its reduced until it’s really really sticky. Finished with some aged balsamic, cassis, and seasoning. 




4 responses to “Crisp veal tongue, enoki, and over reduction”

  1. samuel Avatar

    What time and temp did you cook the tongue at?

  2. matt Avatar

    How are the Enoki cooked?

    1. torontofoodlab Avatar

      Deep fried. Was quite good.

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