Everytime we make beef/veal stock, don’t you feel that all those edible bits and pieces from the animal are actually quite delicious? Yet, not may restaurants serve them. In Asia, these things are always used up! In pho for example, they’ll serve the bowl with some tendons. In Philippines, the fat around the bones is something people fight for. I suppose it’s not a widely coveted item here in Canada. 

Anyway, here’s my rendition of all the unwanted bits and pieces. After making a stock, I collected all the bits and pressed it into a mold and added some salt, pepper and other spices. Essentially making a terrine and letting it set overnight. Afterwards, slice it up, bread it, and fry it. It’s crazy delicious, but extremely rich. Especially if you get a piece with more fat. Sriracha is just something that balances it.

Nothing Food-Lab-ish about it. Just sinful cooking. 





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