The French Laundry…I’m no food writer nor do I really consider myself a blogger. So I’ll just go straight to the point. Freaking go there. Eat there and marvel at the fact that by being there, you get to experience part of history. You are in the restaurant that molded and graduated some of the finest chefs in North America. Take for example Grant Achatz and Cory Lee, I’ve been fortunate enough to eat at both their restaurants, and both left me slack-jawed with eyes wide open. Their food punches you in the face with so much deliciousness and wonderfully progressive food it leaves you questioning what the hell you’ve been doing with your life. The French Laundry however, does not punch you, but rather gently lays a hand on your shoulder, looks you in the eye and advises you on why you should still question what the hell you’ve been doing with your life. “Dear cook, this is how hard we’ve been working to be perfect. You should do the same”.

And I go back to my sticky note filled French Laundry cookbook, reading the words Thomas Keller wrote on the front page 5 years ago when he signed it… It’s all about Finesse.


Some of the dishes I had that night.

The icons.

Smoked Salmon and creme fraiche cornets


Oysters and Pearls




French Laundry garden radishes, and green pea custard




Butter Poached Maine Lobster




Pekin Duck (The best duck I have ever had)







One response to “The French Laundry – an epic pilgrimage for anyone who loves food.”

  1. enassar Avatar

    I couldn’t agree more. We were lucky to enjoy a meal there back in March that I posted about on my site. Other than the amazing fine food, the friendly but professional service was just astounding. I’m glad we got the chance to go during our visit to Napa.

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