Ready-to-eat sous vide steak, delivered by mail!

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KFTomorrow, a project that I have been involved with will be launching on Kickstarter.

For the past year I have been working on a ready to eat sous-vide steak, delivered by mail. We’ve spent countless days working on the product development and the logistics. Now that we have completed those steps, it’s time to move forward. It’s launch time baby!

I’m proud to say that tomorrow, Monday (Nov 9), we are finally launching our Kickstarter campaign so we can put our steak out in the market. During that time, I hope that you can support us by spreading the word, or pledging to our campaign. There are different reward levels – as an example, pledging $54 CAD will get you 4 ready to eat steaks. We also offer subscription where you will have steaks delivered every month.  Our steaks are AAA grade striploins. 

Steaks will be shipped fresh and never frozen, in highly insulated packaging.

This is just a heads up. Once the campaign goes live, I will forward the link to everyone so that you can take a look for yourselves. All the relevant information will be in the campaign page once it goes live. 

We will need all the support, so please help us in this campaign!




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