What is Toronto Food Lab

Toronto Food Lab is the culinary division of GPI. The parent company focuses on food technology and hydrocolloid research and development. Meanwhile, the focus of TFL is to simply create the best food using the ingredients and equipment available through GPI.

Toronto Food Lab is the place where chefs and bartenders can gather and experiment on their ideas using modern techniques. It’s not just an ordinary kitchen, most restaurants have that. It is a kitchen equipped with many of the modernist cuisine tools; A place to try crazy and outrageous ideas; A place where accidents are just as important as the original goals.

In essence, it is a playground for anyone with a passion for progressive cuisine, avante garde cocktails, and a hey-what-if and why-not attitude.

Chefs and mixologists are always welcome to come visit, play around, explore or develop their recipes.

You can also use the Food Lab as part of your mise en place.


If you would like to visit the lab, please send your inquiry to nicholo.plaza@gpiglobal.com. Also, please include some background information (ie which restaurant/bar you work for, how you heard about Toronto Food Lab, and any additional information you want to include).

8 responses to “What is Toronto Food Lab

  • Matthew McPherson

    My name is Matthew McPherson. I am interested visiting your workshop and seeing what you do in person. I want to learn and would love the opportunity to work with you.

    Thank you

  • Matthew McPherson

    I am currently in the market for jobs. I just graduated from Johnson & Wales. I am trying to get in some of better restaurants around but not having a lot of luck. Until then I am doing consulting for a nutrition company and freelance writing and research.

  • Zohreh Rezai

    Wher is your addrress, and what is your teleohone numder? I could not find them. Could you please email them to me? Thank you


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  • Dustin Skeoch

    Hi there, my name is Dustin Skeoch and I’m the Division Manager at Cedarlane Culinary, a modernist cooking equipment distributor in Burlington, Ontario. I would love to come check out your operation at some point in the near future if you do those types of things. We’re the exclusive Canadian distributor for SousVide Supreme as well as a number of other products like chamber vacuum sealers, handheld smokers etc.
    We’re actually part of a much larger BioTech distribution company (Cedarlane Labs) so we have an entire room of centrifuges, liquid nitrogen on hand at all times etc and we’re having a ton of fun learning and experimenting with modernist cooking and would love to connect with you and your team. http://www.cedarlaneculinary.ca
    Thank you very much and all the best,

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