Pudding – no egg, no starch. Using iota carrageenan

This recipe was made in preparation for a dinner I’m cooking in UK. No crazy flavour combinations again, just new ways of delivering those flavours. So, a pudding with no egg or and starch. Why? Well, I don’t really like the texture of starch, that’s one thing. For the egg, I love eggs, but funny enough, it’s considered an allergen in Canada. Personally, I don’t care about that part, but I suppose this was just a quick challenge I wanted to do. To make something familiar while removing many of its familiar components.

So the pudding is now made with only 4 ingredients – light cream (5% fat), dark chocolate (70% coco), sugar and iota carrageenan. The result? Pudding that just very very quickly melts in your mouth, with an extremely rich texture, but with lower fat content. Hey, I think I should start talking to some retirement homes.

Admittedly, the lack of starch and egg makes the pudding a bit loose. I tried it with tara gum added. It became thicker, but the texture suffered – it wasn’t as rich, and became slightly pasty.

Also in this recipe are some orange caramels, recipe from a very good friend and pastry chef Shane Harper, and some quince mostarda Shane gave me a few months back.

Though, I decided not to bring the mostarda with me to UK. I’m keeping that shit for myself.

Chocolate pudding, orange caramel, quince mostarda, freeze dried chocolate mousse.

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