Things to come from Toronto Food Lab

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I’ve been sent travelling for our parent company, GPI,  quite frequently for the past several months. As a result, recipe developments, trials and explorations have been few and far between. I am finally back in the lab, in full force! after the 13th. There have been a lot of ideas that have been written down. So this is a short list of things to come when I get back.

1. A comparison of the dehydrating methods. Freeze drier vs. dehydrator. Which yields better results? Is one really better than the other or just simply different. Is it worth it to wait 3 days for the freeze drier to complete the process?

2. Video – A collaboration with Toronto Food Lab and Shane Harper.

3. Water in oil emulsions – traditional methods vs the SonicPrep

4. INGREDIENTS!!!! Yes, Toronto Food Lab will soon be offering the hydrocolloids produced by GPI. Proprietary blends and single ingredient gums will be available.

5. Tons upon tons of ideas for recipes/components/dishes that I am just dying work on. I think these will be what chefs would like to join in on. So please, go to the What is Toronto Food Lab page to get in touch.



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